All personnel are interviewed, references and work permits are checked and skills tested. Personnel are recruited by word of mouth recommendation and from advertisements in websites and Colleges.


In house training is vital to our success – the fundamentals of hygiene training and food handling are taught regularly in our offices. These skills are enforced by ‘Shadow training’ – whereby the theory is practised under the supervision of an experienced member of staff at a non – VIP event.


Staff uniform is checked at the interview stage and at regular intervals thereafter.


Booking the staff:
A Client requirement is taken by phone.
The suitable candidate is selected to client specification.
The Staff are booked.
The Client is notified which candidate to expect.
The Client returns the completed timesheet at end of the booking.


Staff Check in:
For events involving more than 15 staff or when requested, a supervisor will sign in / sign out staff and be present throughout the function.


Code of Conduct:
We enforce a 10-rule code of conduct that includes punctuality, reliability and flexibility of working hours.


Administration is kept to a minimum:
The timesheet is provided by First Class. The Staff are paid weekly following the booking. The Invoice is sent out weekly to client.

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